5th Annual Mark Conference: Oct. 2016-March 2017


The Mark Conference is a student run leadership conference organized through the Rutgers department of leadership and experiential learning. The conference hosts Ted styled talks from both VIP’s and student speakers and operates various engaging activities for guests in-between these talks. As logistics captain, I was responsible for collaborating with the other seven (7) captains to ensure that all aspects of the conference were seamlessly connected. I was also responsible for designing and constructing various structures such as decorations and giveaways for the conference. Moreover, I was responsible for the award ceremony from the nomination process to obtaining the physical awards themselves. Following the conference, I designed and created two awards for our advisors that had given us their time and wisdom to help make this conference a success. I created these awards by 3D printing the base, laser cutting acrylic, and using a CNC machine to shape the wooden inner frame.

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